Using a broken or malfunctioning garage door can be incredibly risky. From potential injury to property damage, having a damaged garage door is inconvenient and potentially dangerous. It is important for homeowners to understand the risks associated with using a broken garage door and be aware of the need for garage door repair services in Norfolk to keep their family and property safe.


The most immediate risk associated with using a damaged garage door is personal injury. A broken garage door may be unable to open and close properly, causing it to malfunction or even become stuck completely. This can significantly damage the user’s fingers, hands, face, or other body parts. In addition, a broken garage door can become unbalanced and create an uneven force on the user’s arms or legs, causing them to become injured while trying to open or close it.

Aside from personal injury, using a broken garage door also puts property at risk of damage. A malfunctioning garage door may cause damage to vehicles or personal property that is stored in the garage. Furthermore, a broken garage door may leave the home vulnerable to theft, as it can be much easier for thieves to break into an unsecured garage than through other home entry points.

The risks associated with using a broken garage door are clear, so homeowners need to take action and contact a garage door repair professional as soon as possible. Doing so can help ensure that the garage door is functioning properly and reduce the risk of damage or injury to people and property. Regular maintenance checks of the garage door can identify issues before they become larger and more dangerous problems.